Club Meeting – 14th July 2015

keep-calm-and-make-strong-passwordsInspiring message from advanced speaker and divisional competition winner Lucia this evening with her speech on the importance of password security. I for one will be looking into my personal internet security following her well structured and strongly researched speech. Great to have a Q&A as part of the assignment too!

Anupe delighted us with talk of his amazing feats of endurance in his Triathlon training.. and I hope I inspired you all to clean up your diets and remember that “You think what you eat”.

Great to have newer members Arathi and Andy in functionary roles this evening too – Arathi’s personal story of her determination to overcome her fear of public speaking is something I am sure we can all relate to. Andy pulled out some great words and phrases and really made the Grammarian role his own.

And our current Club Secretary, Past President and Toastmaster for the evening Rob Cole presented us with a great theme, getting us all to think about the things we do differently from the norm with our “alternative lifestyle choices”.

Thanks to all speakers, functionaries, evaluators and guests for your contribution – looking forward to seeing you all again at our next meeting on Tuesday 28th July.

Alex Posted by Alex, Vice President, Public Relations.
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