Club Meeting – 28th July 2015

Captioned Full meeting 28th JulyOur meeting this week was very well attended for the holiday season. Our President, Dudley Flynn, gave his first opening address since taking the position and commented that is was “Both and honour and a privilege” to be taking up the post for the coming Toastmaster’s year.

Our Past, Past, President Annushia (Nush) took the reigns as Toastmaster for the evening with the theme “What does August mean to you?”. Capably taking us forward into the Table topics, “mastered” by Andy, who went with an “On this day theme”. Our guests shone brightly in the Table Topics, returning guest Jake winning the vote with his views on “renaming” himself. Great use of humour and another step towards joining us as a club member (?)!

Vote Winners

Great speeches from recent new members Ornela and Roshan, both taking their number 2 speeches from the Competent Communicator manual. They thrilled us with tales of the political struggles in Lithuania and it’s successful passage into independence and the intrigue and wonders of falling in love.

Ria gave a truly inspirational number 6 (Vocal Variety) speech about developing our resistance and overcoming adversity – a worthy winner of the club vote for Best Speech of the evening.

Our Functionaries and Evaluators were ably assessed by visiting General Evaluator, Emmanuel from PMI Toastmasters. We are always very grateful to visitors who give us their time to come and help us out with such roles, giving up your personal time does not go without appreciation.

Thank you for voting for me for the Best Evaluator for my evaluation of Roshan’s beautiful love story. The recognition, feedback and support from fellow club members is the back bone of the Toastmaster’s philosophy and the reason that we can all benefit (as I have) from club membership and active participation.

We look forward to seeing you all again on Tuesday 11th August!

 Alex Posted by Alex, 30.07.15
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