Club Meeting – 11th August 2015

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Lucia, our Toastmaster for the evening introduced the theme of “Fear” – she used some great stories from our participant of adrenaline churning experiences from our lives. Rob, Grammarian for the evening made “Fear” the word of the day…. This was all well understood by our members and guests who are all in various stages of overcoming our fears surrounding public speaking!EoinOne of our new members for this Toastmaster’s year Eoin began his Toastmaster’s “career” with his Icebreaker speech. These speeches are an opportunity to get to know our new members and a great way to kick things off from the Competent Communicator Manual. He thrilled us with his stories of starting a business from his own bedroom… and then deciding that, sometimes, quality of life is just a little bit more important than working 24/7!


Dudely’s first speech from the Advanced “Entertaining Speaker” manual took us through his experiences at the “Burning Man” festival in America… Strong imagery and great story telling… some bit of which (The Hawaiian Naked Bar in particular) will doubtless stay with the audience for some time… Well done Dudley – a worthy win!

A huge vote of thanks goes to Alex Collins of Society Speakers for providing his excellent General Evaluation skills. Much appreciated by all of us!

We look forward to welcoming you to our meeting on the 25th August!

NB: Our meeting on the 8th Sept will be our Table Topics and Humorous Speech competition – members please contact Lucas our Vice President of Education for your space on the programme!

 Alex Posted by Alex, 12.08.15
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