Meeting Structure

 Audience 2

We meet at 6.30pm on the second and fourth Tuesday of every month at The Aldgate Rooms, adjacent to St Botolph’s Church which is in the middle of the Aldgate roundabout, a one minute walk from Aldgate tube station and 5 minutes from Liverpool Street Station. Many bus routes pass nearby.

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How our meetings run

Meetings are designed to give all members the opportunity to improve their communication and leadership skills by participating in Toastmasters Education program. The program consists of two manuals:-

Communication manual: Focuses on core aspects of speaking e.g introducing yourself to an audience, body language, persuading an audience.

Leadership manual: Focuses on developing other aspects of communication e.g giving feedback, hosting a meeting, facilitating a meeting or club event.

The program is completed at each speakers own pace.

The Meeting program

Table Topics:
Club members practice impromptu speaking by responding to interesting questions set by the Table Topics Master. Guests are welcome to participate!

Prepared Speeches:
A few members will give a speech they have prepared from the Communication manual. Each project in the manual has a specific objective to help the speaker improve their technique. Some members may just be starting out, while others may be further advanced. As Speakers progress through the manual, they apply techniques learnt in the previous project.

In this section, members practice their listening and learning skills. Members will give feedback to the table topics speakers, prepared speeches, and of the meeting as a whole. They will highlight what the speaker did well and areas that could be improved.

Other Roles:
Other members participate in the meetings by fulfilling roles to help the meeting run smoothly:-

  • The Toastmaster prepares and leads the meeting as ‘host’
  • The Table Topics Master leads the impromptu speaking portion
  • The Time Keeper supports everyone by reminding them of their use of time
  • The Grammarian tracks and highlight good and bad use of language used throughout the meeting
  • The General Evaluator conducts those individuals who have not otherwise been evalutated

Most Toastmasters clubs will have a similar format to their meetings with their own unique feel. We encourage you to visit other clubs too, check out the The London Speaker for a list of London clubs.