Advanced Manuals

Once you have completed the first 10 speeches in your Toastmasters career, you can begin to focus on more specialist areas that are interesting, enjoyable and useful to you. There is a range of manuals to choose from:advanced%20manualsThe Entertaining Speaker

This manual includes valuable information on how to give an entreating or dramatic speech, where to find material, how to make an audience laugh, an what to do when you’re asked to speak after dinner

Speaking to Inform

The projects in this manual will help you to give informative and interesting speeches. Topics covered include the demonstration talk, the fact-finding report, the abstract concept and resources for informing

Public Relations

This complete guide to preparing and delivering the public relations speech will help you to develop resources and techniques, ‘speak under fire’, and handle the media.

The Discussion Leader

This manual offers guidance in presenting workshop and conference presentation. Role-playing and problem-solving sessions are also covered. This manual is a must for managers, trainers, teachers and administrators.

Specialty Speeches

Speakers must be able to speak in many situations ad this manual will help. Types of speeches covered include impromptu speeches, sales presentations, introductions, inspirational speeches, and oral interpretations.

Speeches by Management

This manual will help you successfully handle a variety of peaking situations that managers encounter in their work environment. Subjects covered include briefings, technical speeches, motivational talks and confrontations.

The Professional Speaker

This manual is a complete guide to becoming a professional speaker. Subjects covered include speaking as a company representative and speaking for pay.

Technical Presentations

The projects in this manual will help you to prepare and present briefings, proposals, technical papers and technical team presentations.

Persuasive Speaking

The ability to influence and persuade others to accept your ideas, products, or services is vital. The projects in this manual are all designed to help you develop excellent persuasive techniques and expand your presentation skills.

Communicating on Television

Television presentations differ from other presentations, as they require special considerations. With this manual you’ll learn to present editorials, appear as a guest on a ‘talk’ show, conduct a press conference, and use television to train.


Everyone loves a story. Types of stories covered in this manual include the folk tale, the personal story, stories with morals, the touching story, and the historical story.

Interpretive Reading

This manual will help you to develop your interpretive reading skills. The projects include presenting stories, poetry, monodramas, plays and oratorical speeches.

Interpersonal Communications

Topics covered include conversing with ease, negotiating, handling criticism, coaching someone to improve performance, and expressing dissatisfaction effectively.

Special Occasion Speeches

Provides instruction in giving toasts, speaking in praise, ‘roasting’ someone, and presenting and accepting awards.

Humorously Speaking

Audiences love to laugh. This manual shows you how to use humorous stories and jokes throughout your speech to grab and keep listeners’ attention and illustrate your points. You also learn how to give an entirely humorous speech.