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How was CB&I Paddington Toastmasters club born with the help of Broadgate speakers?

How was CB&I Paddington Toastmasters club born with the help of Broadgate speakers?

Ria and DudsBy Ria Georgoudi

Having been a member of Broadgate Speakers for some time I realised that many of my work colleagues at American oil services company CB&I could greatly benefit from toastmasters so I decided to try and create a corporate club at CB&I.  Broadgate Speakers was very instrumental acting as the club sponsor and VPE Dudley Flynn became our sponsor.

To introduce toastmasters to CB&I, several members of Broadgate Speakers including Dudley Flynn, Rob Cole, Candy Ikokwu and Christopher Hall helped me to deliver a very successful demonstration meeting in February 2015.  Since that time various members of Broadgate speakers gave speeches at our fledgling club including Lucas Di Carlo and Alex Chisholm and together with the regular support of our sponsor Dudley the new club has grown significantly and magnificently, achieving chartership in July 2015 and attracting 27 active members! 

Setting up the CB&I Paddington Toastmasters club has been a very rewarding experience; it enabled me to expand my leadership skills, learn about gaining buy-in from internal stakeholders and nurture my coaching skills to build a Toastmasters committee. Most importantly though it gave me a different insight into Toastmasters; Toastmasters is about camaraderie. It was the camaraderie of my fellow Toastmasters that helped the new club grow and flourish.


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What we do!

Following on this page are a few examples of meetings held at the beginning of the Toastmaster’s year.

We are an active club an do meet every 2nd and 4th Tuesday as advertised – it’s not always possible to blog all of our meetings – but do check back here for updates – or come along and see for yourself!!!

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Club Meeting – 25th August 2015

David, our Toastmaster for the evening started the meeting with a version of a Mexican wave. Each member of the audience had to stand up in turn with their arms in the air and shout “Mind the gap”. It was a great way to break the ice and raise energy levels.
Arathi McIntosh took the next step in her Toastmasters journey by delivering her Icebreaker speech. These speeches are an opportunity to get to know our new members and an important first step to completing the Competent Communicator Manual. Arathi shared her story of persistence to land her dream job and after 3 Years of hard work and overcoming various challenges she has finally been successful – congratulations to Arathi for her career success and for a fantastic first speech.
Brendan McCormack then delivered his number 2 speech explaining how, why and when the agile approach to software development is used. Brendan performed strongly on the speech objectives delivering a clear outline, logical progression and strong transitions so the audience were easily able to follow his explanation.
Jake O’Gorman also delivered his Ice Breaker speech – as one of our newest members Jake did a fantastic job of entertaining us with his story of memory development and how he had just won the World Memory Cup the day before. It must have been a good omen because Jake was also voted the best speaker of the night – well done Jake!!!


A massive thank you goes to Joanna Szoska of London Public Speakers who was our General Evaluator for her valuable and insightful feedback. Much appreciated by all of us!

We look forward to welcoming you to our next meeting on the 8th September!  This will be our Table Topics and Humorous Speech competition – members please contact Lucas our Vice President of Education for your space on the programme!

NB: The tube unions have been kind enough to schedule another potential strike on 8th September – as most of our members are able to make it to our meeting even if there is a strike we will be proceeding with the contest no matter what!!!


Posted by Dudley 26.08.15
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Club Meeting – 11th August 2015

Aug 11 banner

Lucia, our Toastmaster for the evening introduced the theme of “Fear” – she used some great stories from our participant of adrenaline churning experiences from our lives. Rob, Grammarian for the evening made “Fear” the word of the day…. This was all well understood by our members and guests who are all in various stages of overcoming our fears surrounding public speaking!EoinOne of our new members for this Toastmaster’s year Eoin began his Toastmaster’s “career” with his Icebreaker speech. These speeches are an opportunity to get to know our new members and a great way to kick things off from the Competent Communicator Manual. He thrilled us with his stories of starting a business from his own bedroom… and then deciding that, sometimes, quality of life is just a little bit more important than working 24/7!


Dudely’s first speech from the Advanced “Entertaining Speaker” manual took us through his experiences at the “Burning Man” festival in America… Strong imagery and great story telling… some bit of which (The Hawaiian Naked Bar in particular) will doubtless stay with the audience for some time… Well done Dudley – a worthy win!

A huge vote of thanks goes to Alex Collins of Society Speakers for providing his excellent General Evaluation skills. Much appreciated by all of us!

We look forward to welcoming you to our meeting on the 25th August!

NB: Our meeting on the 8th Sept will be our Table Topics and Humorous Speech competition – members please contact Lucas our Vice President of Education for your space on the programme!

 Alex Posted by Alex, 12.08.15
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Club Meeting – 28th July 2015

Captioned Full meeting 28th JulyOur meeting this week was very well attended for the holiday season. Our President, Dudley Flynn, gave his first opening address since taking the position and commented that is was “Both and honour and a privilege” to be taking up the post for the coming Toastmaster’s year.

Our Past, Past, President Annushia (Nush) took the reigns as Toastmaster for the evening with the theme “What does August mean to you?”. Capably taking us forward into the Table topics, “mastered” by Andy, who went with an “On this day theme”. Our guests shone brightly in the Table Topics, returning guest Jake winning the vote with his views on “renaming” himself. Great use of humour and another step towards joining us as a club member (?)!

Vote Winners

Great speeches from recent new members Ornela and Roshan, both taking their number 2 speeches from the Competent Communicator manual. They thrilled us with tales of the political struggles in Lithuania and it’s successful passage into independence and the intrigue and wonders of falling in love.

Ria gave a truly inspirational number 6 (Vocal Variety) speech about developing our resistance and overcoming adversity – a worthy winner of the club vote for Best Speech of the evening.

Our Functionaries and Evaluators were ably assessed by visiting General Evaluator, Emmanuel from PMI Toastmasters. We are always very grateful to visitors who give us their time to come and help us out with such roles, giving up your personal time does not go without appreciation.

Thank you for voting for me for the Best Evaluator for my evaluation of Roshan’s beautiful love story. The recognition, feedback and support from fellow club members is the back bone of the Toastmaster’s philosophy and the reason that we can all benefit (as I have) from club membership and active participation.

We look forward to seeing you all again on Tuesday 11th August!

 Alex Posted by Alex, 30.07.15
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Club Meeting – 14th July 2015

keep-calm-and-make-strong-passwordsInspiring message from advanced speaker and divisional competition winner Lucia this evening with her speech on the importance of password security. I for one will be looking into my personal internet security following her well structured and strongly researched speech. Great to have a Q&A as part of the assignment too!

Anupe delighted us with talk of his amazing feats of endurance in his Triathlon training.. and I hope I inspired you all to clean up your diets and remember that “You think what you eat”.

Great to have newer members Arathi and Andy in functionary roles this evening too – Arathi’s personal story of her determination to overcome her fear of public speaking is something I am sure we can all relate to. Andy pulled out some great words and phrases and really made the Grammarian role his own.

And our current Club Secretary, Past President and Toastmaster for the evening Rob Cole presented us with a great theme, getting us all to think about the things we do differently from the norm with our “alternative lifestyle choices”.

Thanks to all speakers, functionaries, evaluators and guests for your contribution – looking forward to seeing you all again at our next meeting on Tuesday 28th July.

Alex Posted by Alex, Vice President, Public Relations.
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